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How to Prepare a Move to a New Home Before Listing Your Current One


When moving house, many people focus on unloading their old property before acquiring a new one. However, in a competitive housing market, it’s smarter to prepare your move to your new home before you list your old one. You don’t want to be stuck with nowhere to go if your current house sells quickly. Buying before selling makes the house-hunting process more enjoyable, allowing you to find something you truly love.

Deborah Laggini & Associates can help you with both buying and selling in the Annapolis area, ensuring a streamlined process coordinated by a single realtor. Find out how you can prepare your move to your new home before listing your current one below.

Research the housing market

Your new dream home won’t land in your lap. You have to do your research to find it. First, make a list of your basic criteria, like the number of bedrooms. The Balance provides a full list of considerations to keep in mind, from location to exterior features. Next, talk to a realtor about your expectations. They can give you an idea of the price range for the type of home and location you’re interested in, so you know what to expect financially.

Get your finances in order

One drawback of buying a house before selling your old one is that you won’t have the money from the sale on hand to fund your new property. It’s thus important to organize your finances carefully. Before you scour listings and make offers on new properties, get preapproved for a mortgage. Forbes explains that this ensures sellers view you as a serious buyer and expedites the process overall.

Clear out clutter from your old home

As you finalize the paperwork for your new house, go ahead and start decluttering your current home. Get rid of items you no longer need, so that you don’t have to bother moving them to the new location. Decluttering is also essential to preparing your current property for successful viewings once you list it. Nourishing Minimalism provides a guide to decluttering before a move, covering everything from how to sort belongings to how to label boxes.

Move as much as possible to your new home

As soon as your new place is ready for you, start making the transition. By clearing out your current place, you will make it easier to show to newcomers. For example, your realtor will know they can drop by at any time to show the house if you are no longer living in it. Hire a reputable moving company to get the transition done quickly. Consumer Reports recommends getting estimates from multiple companies before hiring one.

Prepare your house for listing

With your belongings safely stashed in your new property, you can get your old one ready to show buyers. Million Acres explains how to prepare your house to boost its marketability. For example, they recommend boosting curb appeal with fresh landscaping and taking care of any obviously needed repairs.

Other great ways to improve marketability include updating appliances, changing out cabinet hardware, replacing light and sink fixtures and even swapping out your current range hood for a new, sleeker model. Once the house is presentable, invest in expert photos that show it in its best light.

Have a plan B

Even the best-laid plans can come up short, particularly in a hot market. If your home happens to sell before you can find something, you need to have a backup option in place. Especially to avoid making an offer on a home you’re not excited about. In this case, consider a short-term rental in the surrounding area that can fit your current needs while your house hunt continues. Just be absolutely clear when filtering for rentals that you’re looking at short-term lease opportunities. Alternatively, your Laggini & Associates Realtor could point you in a different direction for the interim.

Buying a new home and selling your old one within a short time frame can be stressful. However, it offers distinct practical benefits and can make moving easier in the big picture. Preparation and an organized approach—as outlined above—will simplify the process.

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