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For Staging Annapolis Homes, an Easy Autumn Advantage


As we wade into the fall, area homeowners who are putting their properties on the market will be able to cash in on what is known as the “Autumn Advantage”—one of the principal reasons many home décor professionals find it the easiest season to exploit. You don’t have to be a staging expert to see how autumn in Annapolis lends itself to a myriad of eye-catching seasonal props that help make Annapolis homes warm and inviting—in fact, “homey” is a perfect description.
Some areas that illustrate the Autumn Advantage:
• Seasonal Scents. Most professional stagers keep clear of scented candles because they run the risk of alienating some buyers who happen to have an aversion to any particular scent. But fall is an exception for scents that trigger memories of leaf-raking, cider-warming, apple-picking, or pumpkin-carving—all the homey activities that make the season emotionally positive.
• Fireplace. On days that are nippy hints of the wintertime to come, a cozy-looking armchair with an inviting afghan thrown over its back practically demands a cheerful fire ablaze (with a good book nearby).
• Pumpkins. It may be theoretically possible to decorate for fall without pumpkins, but that’s a theory that has yet to be demonstrated. The squash of the season—along with multi-colored dried corncobs and the like—is already everywhere in evidence all over Annapolis. They all trigger positive memories of the season, so grab a few, along with the red, orange, gold, and brown flower arrangements that florists (and even supermarkets) are making available to spruce up the house.
• Comfort. The plush throws, plump cushions, and blazing fireplaces are hard to beat when it comes to creating a cozy atmosphere—creating a likable, welcoming atmosphere bound to that visitors will find hard to resist.
When coupled with a property that has cleared the clutter and maximized its curb appeal, the combination of autumnal staging and a well-constructed marketing blitz can make this a selling season for your Annapolis home. That marketing discussion is where I come in—do call!

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