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Autumn: a “Golden” Season for Selling a House in Annapolis


Spring and summer are usually the busiest seasons in real estate, so for area homeowners who, for whatever reason, have just decided to sell their Annapolis home, it might seem that they’ve missed their best window of opportunity. Depending on how convinced they are about the iron grip that springtime has on home sales, they may even come to the conclusion that they will have to hold off on listing until next year—even if they are actually prepared to list.
This year, the wait-until-spring notion seems more unnecessary than usual. It’s not just that the factors that affect buyer affordability show many signs of heading in the wrong direction, either. It’s also something that many experienced agents are convinced of: that autumn is the second best season for selling a house—in Annapolis, as elsewhere. There are good reasons:
• Weather. Annapolis can be expected to bring many a perfect-for-home-tour days, often with fewer rainouts and muddy springtime shoe removal dictates.
• The calendar. For buyers who have now come to the conclusion that buying a house in Annapolis is called for, most prefer to be soundly ensconced in their new homes by the time next spring rolls around. Many Annapolis home sales that are initiated as autumn begins are sealed and signed more rapidly—over and out before the Holidays.
• Speed. The mechanics of closing are likely to be easier to arrange. The Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (Freddie Mac) reports that with fewer loans to process, mortgage lenders, home inspectors, and appraisers book fewer appointments. “As a result,” says Freddie, “your home closing may happen more quickly.”
• Atmosphere. In its blog, “4 Reasons Fall Is a Great Time to Sell,” Freddie Mac points out how “the fall atmosphere can enhance your home’s curb appeal.” Once the summer yard clutter is stowed out of sight, decorating with autumn accent colors can make for an indoor ambiance “that makes it feel warm and welcoming to potential buyers.”
• Competition. There’s less of it!
Thursday is the first day of Autumn. If the seasonal calendar has been a major factor affecting why you’ve hesitated to sell your own home in Annapolis, you may find it worthwhile to ring me up to discuss what our local experience suggests. Call!

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